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  • LBDA's Strategic Plan Launched

    Today we are very proud to launch our 2012-2017 strategic plan that is also in line with the Ministry of Regional Development Authority's vision.

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    Website  Relaunch

    We thought it's time for a change and therefore decided to upgrade our existing website to a more dynamic and interactive website

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  • New Projects Initiated by LBDA Subsidiaries

    We are keen to contribute to food security in the country, in view of these, several Agricultural and Industrial projects have been initiated. Check it out now.

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    New Appointments in the Authority

    We are proud to announce the next milestone: The appointment of new Board Members.

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  • Lichota Farm Restructured

    With possession of more than 2000 acres of land for dairy farming, we have set up a committee to analyze and recommend possible restructuring needed in the farm

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    Automation report released

    Find out how LBDA plans to align itself with these information era!

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  • LBDA Projects

    • Food Security Projects
    • Value Addition Services
    • Hydro Electric Power Generation
  • Calender of Activities

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  • LBDA Field Stations

    • Kodera, Lichota, Kerina, Bungoma    
    • Sangalo, Homa bay, Busia etc



1.  Background

Lake Basin Development Authority (LBDA) was established by an Act of Parliament, Cap 442, 1979. The Act gives LBDA the mandate to undertake overall planning, co-ordination, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of development projects and programmes in its area of jurisdiction. It accomplishes this mandate buy utilizing the abundant resources in the region for socio-economic development.

2.  Assignment

The Authority desires to automate it Quality Management System (QMS) so as to easily manage the Quality Management System (QMS). The targeted software should be able to support auditing of QMS, generate reports from such audits, maintain QMS documents and records and provide for revision of records and maintain all required data.  

3.  Scope of work:    

The soft to be developed shall be implemented to cover all LBDA QMS processes that cover the Head Quarters Functional areas and Regional offices and stations. The software should allow for access of documents by only authorized members of staff, support QMS audit scheduling and auditing through internet, support review of documents and retain records of reviews, accommodate management review scheduling etc. the software should be flexible enough to accommodate changes for continual improvement purposes

4.  Eligibility Criteria

The Consultant must meet the following minimum eligibility criteria:-

  • Must be a registered IT service provider.
  • Submit company profile, certificate of registration and valid tax compliance certificate  
  • Proven experience on software/program development, preferably at least five (5) years. in case of partnership, a letter of partnership is mandatory
  • Reference letters of at least five (5) reputable clients whom you have provided with similar service
  • Demonstrate capacity of the software to import and export data/information from existing systems and integrate with other sub systems
  • If the software is not your original work, an authorized letter from the global vendor MUST be availed for the proposed solutions
  • Documented product development plan for next 5-10 years
  • Software must be able to run on Windows XP,7 or 8 platform
  • Software must have multiple after sale support partners in Kenya

Complete expression of interest documents marked original and copy to be submitted in plain sealed envelope clearly marked on top “Automation of QMS” should be addressed;

The Managing Director,
Lake Basin Development Authority
P.O BOX 1516-40100
Tel:  2023414 FAX: 2023422 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Agricultural Products and Services

LBDA has several Agricultural projects across the region.These include;

  • Nyando River Irrigation Project (Nyando District: The project is located on the right bank of the Nyando River and cover a total area of 4,000 ha (including the existing Ahero Irrigation Scheme). The objective of the project is to convert the Ahero Scheme from pumped to gravity scheme
  • Cotton Production (Regional):The African Growth Opportunity Act (AGOA) has renewed an interest in cotton. The LBDA is involved in cottonseed production in liaison with such bodies as Dominion Farms and KARI, for distribution to cotton farmers in the region. The LBDA proposes to go into large-scale cottonseed production with an investor.

Other areas of interest include;

Agro Forestry Establishment

The LBDA has established several central tree nurseries for the propagation of tree seedlings for reforestation, afforestation and forest farming by communities at Lugari, Sangalo, Chwele, Kisumu, Rae, Kokwanyo, Alupe, and Kapsabet. Through these tree nurseries the Authority has been able to distribute over 2.5 million seedlings for catchment conservation activities in the region .

Environmental Monitoring (Regional)

The LBDA proposed to intensify environmental monitoring through sampling of water resources and sources as well as carrying out HIV/AIDS campaigns in the work place and public health education to the rural communities.

Catchment Conservation and Rehabilitation of Sondu River (Rift Valley & Nyanza Provinces)

The project entails the implementation of activities meant to ensure environmental integrity of the Sondu river catchment through afforestation, reforestation, promotion of good agricultural practices and empowering the communities to undertake alternative income generating activities that replace catchment degradation activities such as wood cutting, cultivation etc. The project is estimated to cost Kshs. 65 million and will be financed by KENGEN as part of the Sondu River Hydropower Project.

Biodiversity Project (Rift Valley)

The objective of the project is to rehabilitate the South West Mau forest and to conserve the Kapkatet wetlands. CDTF is reviewing the proposal. The project is expected to cost Ksh. 21 million.

Eco-tourism (Regional)

The project is part of the wider Western Kenya Tourism circuit and entails the development and promotion of such sites as Huma National Park, Simbi Nyaima, Otok, God Ramogi, Kit Mikayi, Mt. Elgon, Kakamega forest etc. It is estimated to cost Ksh. 15 million and is being reviewed by the Tourist Trust Fund.