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Corruption Prevention Policy

The Lake Basin Development Authority Anti-Corruption Policy is intended to outline a framework for ensuring a corruption-free working environment. In this endeavour it is noteworthy that the Authority is motivated by ideals enshrined in its Mandate, Vision, Mission, Core Values and the prevailing laws. The Authority recognizes that the ideal of a culture of zero-tolerance to corruption is only possible within a framework of integrity and ethics. Corruption Prevention Policy (abstract)

Our Code of Ethics

We, the Directors of Lake Basin Development Authority, are committed to our values and we promise to be faithful to them as we interact with all our internal and external stakeholders. Our core values of: Respect, Equity, Social Responsibility, Professionalism, Ethics, Creativity and Transparency shall guide our individual and collective decision making in our key leadership and oversight roles. We acknowledge that our success depends on trust and reputation that we build with our stakeholders. Code of Conduct and Ethics (abstract)

Human Resource Policies & Procedure Manual

The Lake Basin Development Authority has developed this policy document as a necessary intervention to address the challenges that face the Authority in the area of human resource management and development. Human Resource Policies and Procedure Manual (abstract)