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Flagship Projects

LBDA’s flagship projects of Magwagwa and Nandi Multipurpose Dams are expected to take the lead in generating rapid and widely-shared growth in many of the areas of development within the region but they are in no means the only projects being implemented by the Authority.  We are involved in Technology Transfer in;  

•  Agriculture and livestock development
•  Dairy development.
•  Apiculture development
•  Coffee farming within the Region.
•  Aquaculture development

LBDA also provides capacity building on all the above areas

Integrated Land and Water System Management

Among the five water towers in the country, three major ones are in the LBDA area. These include the Mau complex, Cherangany Hills and Mt. Elgon. Six rivers; the Sio, Nzoia, Yala, Nyando, Sondu and Kuja, which constitute the main source for Lake Victoria, originate from these towers and they make a major contribution as critical water resources of the LBDA region. Degradation is a major threat to these resources, biodiversity and the livelihoods of communities. If not checked this will lead to conflict over these resources including land as a resource.

LBDA has partnered with County Governments, Youth and Women Groups in the commercialization of tree seedlings production, bamboo commercialization and value addition as part of a wider programme for climate change mitigations mainly in the catchment and riverine areas of the Basin.

In these catchment restoration activities, the Authority plans to produce 20 million seedlings, undertake catchment Management and ecosystems studies.