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Nandi Forest Dam Multpurpose Project

The dam is on Yala River in Nandi Forest. The Project covers four  Counties namely: Nandi, Kakamega, Vihiga and Kisumu.

The Project Objectives are;

•    River Flow Regulation and Flood Control       
•    Silt Load Reduction
•    Hydropower Production
•    Water Supply for Irrigation, Domestic and       Industrial Use
•    Fisheries Development
•    Tourism Promotion
•    Catchment Ecosystem Conservation and Sustainability

The Expected Outputs
  • 67m high and 1558m long dam with live storage capacity of 230  million m3
  • 50 MW of hydropower giving energy production of 150 GWh/yr.
  • 33km 132KV Transmission Line
  • 7,251 ha irrigated land (Phase 1: 3,009 ha)
  • Water supply infrastructure to people in surrounding towns
  • Buildings, Roads and other infrastructures